How to?

How To Paint Paint with Nu


We're so excited that you're ready to try our Paint with Nu paint kit!!

The instructions below offer a step by step guide for how to set up your paint kit. 

What's included

In your Paint with Nu paint kit you will find a high quality 11x14" canvas, a set of  various sized paint brushes,  paint pallet and disposable easel. 

Before getting started

  • Pick a comfortable spot where you will have plenty of space to set up your paint kit.
  • Lay down some news paper or plastic to protect the surface you are using to paint. 
  • Grab a disposable cup of water and some napkins so that you can clean your brushes between colors.
  • Before putting your kit away, your paintbrushes should be clean and dry, painting should be dry to touch, and lids should be tightly sealed on all paint containers. 

How it works

Locate the paint containers, paint brushes, and apron, stored behind the 11x14" canvas.

Set up your disposable easel. The disposable easel wI’ll be used to rest your canvas upright as you paint. Be sure to peel the sticker on the front of your easel, in order to stick it to the back side of your canvas, to avoid shifting.

Remove the paint contents from the packaging, get a cup of clean warm water, and some napkins.

Once the paint kit is set up, you can began painting.